Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Reasons why your tooth gum bleeds

Reasons why your tooth gum bleeds

Gum disease is real and a bleeding gum could be a sign of it.Brushing your teeth too hard can injure your and even make it bleed. It is important that you maintain a good oral hygiene to prevent issues with your gum.

Your gum could be bleeding as a result of gum disease, a popular gum disease you should know is; gingivitis. It’s early stage is referred to as periodontal disease, this is usually as a result of inflammation in the gum tissue. It is first caused by bacteria, the tissue becomes red, swollen and then blisters begin to form. Below are other reasons why your gum bleeds.


A bleeding gum is sometimes a sign of leukemia. Leukemia is a cancer of the blood cells. Don’t panic, just complain to your doctor.

Pernicious Anemia
Bleeding gum could be a symptom of pernicious anemia.It usually occurs when the body cannot absorb enough vitamin B12.

Lack of vitamin

When there is a deficiency in vitamin K or C, it could lead to a bleeding gum.

Ensure you have a balanced diet and make sure your food is rich is the lagging nutrients.


This is a condition of low platelet count.when this is the condition, one could suffer bleeding gum.


This is the early phase of gum infection disease, it could cause the teeth to fall out or loosen. The also affects the gum tissues and cause swollen of the mouth.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Sunny Green - To The Top ft. C - Man

Like i said three days ago about Sunny Green launching his Greenbox website accompanied with a new track. Here it is.

Sunny Green release his long awaiting track titled "To The Top" featuring C - Man, produced by Dj Cyrillic.

Download Sunny Green To The Top ft. C - Man below.


Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Sunny Green about to launch website accompanied with his Latest track

The Greenbox247.Com website launching and #2DTop brand new single by Sunny Green promo photos now online.

See promo photos below:

Instagram: @greenbox247_com

Twitter: @IamSunnyGreen

Facebook: Sunny Green Itodo

Thursday, 13 July 2017

S-Manizzy – Hold Up ft V5ive (Prod by 3Shells)

S-Manizzy – Hold Up ft V5ive (Prod by 3Shells)

Straight Up From the city Another New Track By S Manizzy titled "Hold Up" Featuring V5ive Produced By 3shells.

Download Mp3


Monday, 3 July 2017

Frank Edwards - Miracle Rain

Frank Edwards - Miracle Rain

Rocktown Boss Frank Edwards just released the long awaiting song Titled "Miracle Rain"

Like he said live on instagram:

"Miracle Rain is more than just a song, it speaks of coming rain of miracles and blessings all from the good Hand of God. Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to dance in the Miracle Rain. Remain blessed".


Saturday, 1 July 2017

Lyrical Chris Dee - Youngest

Multi-talented raising Benue artist Lyrical Chris Dee drops his long awaiting hit track "Youngest" prod. by the Legendary Charles creation beatz.
As e dey hot,no let an cool!

Promoted by
#Greenbox247 Media worldwide.
RocksonBlog blogged it!


Gbemisoke - Makrooneey ft.Crispy

Gbemisoke - Makrooneey ft.Crispy

He is back again, MAKROONEEY (aka Son of the Crown) After the release of his Hit single "CROWN" …This track is titled GBEMISOKE ft. CRISPY(Mr 50/50) produced by Crispy. A dope track that you all gonna love.

MAKROONEEY is one of the top rated up coming artist set to shut down Nigeria and Ghana .


Friday, 30 June 2017

How To Get More Likes On Your Instagram Posts

I have been seeing many instagram accounts with small amount of followers getting more likes more than I. You might wonder why I say the word "More than I"  yeah i just said more than I because I have 26k plus instagram Followers.

How To Get More Likes On Your Instagram Posts

-- Do you have have many instagram Followers?

- Do you ever wonder why smaller accounts get more likes than you?

Welcome beautiful people it's your favourite boy Aigbedion Michael Festus (Mayor Rockson). Today I'm gonna be dropping the results of my research about instagram and their secrets.

Like I say in the introduction I have a big account though, but i hardly get more likes. After enough research I have come up with a good solution on How To Get More Likes On Your Instagram Posts.

How To Get More Likes On Your Instagram Posts

1. When people comment on your post don't like their comments instantly, all you need to do is like them when you post a new photo/video. That is like the comments in the previous photo, so when your photo in their feed and also see your appreciation in their notification bar from your previous post, they will then goto your page and see your new photos, thereby liking and commenting again. This process is really smart and it's a very good way to get more likes on your instagram pictures. 

How To Get More Likes On Your Instagram Posts
Tag your username πŸ“·
2. Always tag your username on your caption, because most people like me always click on the tagged name and thereby seeing more pictures we like and like❤ them instead of liking that one photo alone. 

Pay attention when people do shoutouts instead of tagging the photo alone they put the username of the person in the caption too. 

3. Use the law of reciprocity. That is everytime you do something for people they do something for you in return. 

Here is what your gonna do, every single time you enter your instagram feed, it doesn't matter if you love the photos or not you need to actually Like❤ the photos, i mean click on anybody's page and likeπŸ’˜ a bunch of their photos. It doesn't matter if you love the the pictures or not who cares plus you've brighten their day. 
Every single time you appear on their page guarantees them coming to your page and doing the same thing. 

4. Write something valuable on your caption. When you say something on the caption beside here is a picture of me😁😜, cool we know is a picture of you. 

When you write something inspirational on your caption, people could like❤ your pictures because they like you or because they like your caption. That gives them two reasons to like your pictures. 

5. Connect your instagram to your twitter and facebook. Because anytime you post it's likely gonna post on your twitter and your facebook too. People will see it and say shit this guy/girl just posted, even if they don't see it on their instagram feed they might see it on their facebook or twitter and goto your instagram page and like it.

6. Anytime you post interact with at least 10 of your followers even if you don't know them. They might respond or not it's Okay, it triples your chance of getting likes from them. 

7. Use good and trending hashtags. Using hashtags will triple your chance of getting on instagram explore page. Thereby getting more likes from random people. 

How To Get More Likes On Your Instagram Posts

8. Number eight method on How To Get More Likes On Your Instagram Posts is knowing the time you post that gets more engagements. Posting in the middle of the day will push your post down. 

I recommend you post 5AM in the morning or 5PM in the evening that is when people are actually online on instagram. 

9. If you want likes don't post low resolution photos. You can't have your photos looking like minecraft ok. 

10. The last method I'm telling you on How To Get More Likes On Your Instagram Posts is. Every single time you post those photos and post those hashtags. You should personally goto those hashtags one by one and like at least 10 recent photos on the hashtags, like the law of reciprocity said, their probably gonna come to your page and like that your photo very similar to their pictures. 

Read and follow these procedures you will definitely see results. 

See my results below. 

How To Get More Likes On Your Instagram Posts

How To Get More Likes On Your Instagram Posts

How To Get More Likes On Your Instagram Posts

That's all my finds on How To Get More Likes On Your Instagram Posts. I hope it helps.

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Stay tuned for how to get followers on instagram and twitter.

Drop your comments 


Thursday, 29 June 2017

[MUSIC] Tatiana Manaois - Like You

Tatiana Manaois - Like You

Good day guys, you've got to listen to this song, it's awesome it's lifting it's great, because when you hit the download button your gonna want to put the song on repeat.

Go get your headset ready and download this awesome track titled "Like You" by Tatiana Manaois

Little Lyrics for you: 'Cause you are strong, you are wise
You are worth beyond the thousand reasons why
And you can't be perfect, baby
'Cause nobody's perfect, darling
But, no, no, no, there's nobody in the world like you

Download Mp3

The song is old we know it was released December 7 2015,but once you start playing it you are never gonna stop until you get tired of it, that is if you will

If you need more of Tatiana Manaois songs just request for it and the comment section


Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Nathaniel Bassey – Olowogbogboro Ft. Wale Adenuga

The Hallelujah Challenge is a brain child of gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey. In essence, the singer streams an hour of praise and worship on his Instagram page and enjoins others to fellowship with him for an hour between 12am and 1am.

The one month programme caught on like wild fire and in no time, celebrities caught the bug. In less than a month, the programme has trended on Instagram and Twitter for days and it has over 700,000 views.


Thursday, 22 June 2017

Awesome Health Benefits Of Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is a type of fish oil supplement. It is mostly extracted from the Atlantic cod’s liver with Awesome Health Benefits . It is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which have many health benefits like reducing inflammation and lowering blood pressure.
It’s also high in vitamin A and vitamin D, which helps supply your body with many health benefits.

Here are some Awesome Health Benefits Of Cod Liver Oil

1. May Support Eye Health

Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A in cod liver oil can help prevent eye disease caused by inflammation.
Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce glaucoma risk factors like nerve damage. Too much of vitamin A can however cause vitamin A toxicity

2. May Reduce Inflammation

The omega 3-fatty acids in cod liver oil may reduce chronic inflammation, which can lead to increase your risk of high blood pressure and several diseases, such as heart disease. It does these by mitigating the hormones that promote it.

ALSO READ6 Benefits of Marula Oil For Your Skin

Vitamin A and D found in the oil are also antioxidants which help suppress inflammation by destroying free radicals. Deficiencies in this vitamins can lead to an increased risk of chronic inflammation.

3. May Improve Bone Health

Cod liver oil is a good source of vitamin D which helps reduce age-related bone loss. It does this by regulating your body’s absorption of calcium, a necessary mineral for strong bones. It also helps strengthen fragile bones in children.

4. High in Vitamins A and D

Fish liver contains fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin D. A single teaspoon of cod liver oil provides you with 90% of your vitamin A RDA and 113% of your vitamin D RDA.

Vitamin A helps maintain a healthy brain, eyes and skin. Vitamin D helps with healthy bones by regulating your body’s absorption of vitamin D.

MOST VIEWEDHow To Prevent Acne (Pimples)


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Foods To Avoid For A Proper Heart Health

Foods To Avoid For A Proper Heart Health

So many foods leads to heart disease, the number of deaths as a result of cardiovascular disease yearly is higher than ever. These cardiovascular diseases is often caused by high LDL and triglyceride concentration. 

To ensure proper heart health, it is necessary that you consume foods that help lower your cholesterol levels and avoid high-cholesterol foods that can cause inflammation and weight gain.

To help lower cholesterol, you don’t necessarily have to avoid all high cholesterol foods. You just have to learn to balance and moderate the foods you eat. Eat a combination of nutrient-dense foods that can fight inflammation while also avoiding harmful processed foods and alcohol.

There Are Foods To Avoid For A Proper Heart Health

1. Alcohol

Consuming too much alcohol can lead to increase in blood pressure and triglyceride levels. ironically, drinking little quantities of alcohol can lower your risk of these cardiovascular diseases.

ALSO READHigh-Fat Foods That Are Actually Healthy

2. Cookies and Other Sugary Treats

Added sugars in foods are also a cause of obesity, some chronic diseases and cardiometabolic risk factors. The bulk of processed foods we consume contain added sugar in some form or another. Added sugar in foods like cookies, pastries, candies have been associated with an increase in LDL cholesterol, decreases in HDL cholesterol and higher triglyceride levels.

3. Refined Grain Products

Diets full of refined carbohydrates can negatively affect your cholesterol level. This is because these products have a high glycemic index which can lead to higher risks of having high cholesterol. Insteadof foods like pasta, white bread, eat high quality bread and fruits.

4. Potato Chips and Other Packaged Foods

With the rise in snacking also comes an increase in consumption of ultra-processed foods. This has in turn led to an increase in obesity rates and high cholesterol, which are both risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Avoid eating packaged foods like potato chips, fried foods, crackers and other unhealthy packaged foods.

5. Bacon and Other Processed Meats

Processed meats have commonly been associated with an increase in cardiovascular disease and stroke mortality. Eating processed meats can increase an increase in heart-related health issues. Lower your consumption of processed meats like salami, hot dogs, bologna, bacon and sausages. These processed meats are also often high in sodium.

Friday, 16 June 2017

SHOCKING!! Am a Guy But Appear as A Lady to Men

SHOCKING!! Am a Guy But Appear as A Lady to Men

SHOCKING!! Am a Guy But Appear as A Lady to Men

A man presumably in his mid twenties known popularly by his sex business name Jennifer has shocked the world around Benue State while he was interviewed by officers of the Nigeria Police at the Police Headquarters, Makurdi where he revealed that he was a man, but appeared to be a woman and would be picked for sex by men who would make love to him and see him perfectly as a woman with a female genitalia. This he explained was orchestrated by the occult he belonged to for the purpose of making him super wealthy.

The young man who was arrested around Xima Bar at Kashim Ibrahim Road Makurdi when he went to separate a fight between 2 female sex workers and in the process got his male sex organ exposed amidst the female clothing he wore. This automatically  ended the fight as everyone was scared of his appearance having known him for long as a female. This attracted the attention of the police who whisked him away to police headquarters, Makurdi. This occurred on the Wednesday the 14th of March, 2017.

At the police headquarters where I also visited yesterday, the man revealed that, by birth he was male but was initiated into occultism in a secondary school in Katsina-ala where he schooled and that since then he attends meetings under bridges of main water bodies with other members and a queen around the country. He explained upon inquiry that he had done prostitution in many major cities around the country like Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Calabar, Kaduna, Portharcout and others where he would be picked up by men who would make love to him seeing him as a woman and thereafter, whether with the use of protection or not, the man's sperm would be gotten and used for rituals and such a man will be permanently unable to impregnate a woman.

On the number of men he had engaged in his spiritual ordeal, he explained that he wasn't sure of the figure but that, not less than 1500 men. He explained further that, the queen under the water had mandated him to do thus for 12 years and then she will bless him with super wealth. He said this was his 5th year, meaning he was left with 7 years to meet his target and be rewarded with the ultimate prize of wealth beyond comprehension.

At the police station, it was surprising to see a man Mr. Terkimbi Yandev who walked in and requested to bail this guy on the ground that he was his girlfriend. The guy in question at that moment explained further that, to all those who made love to him, he appears to be a beautiful woman whom they can't afford not to love. The man is now in police custody as investigations are still ongoing even as people around his Coca-Cola residence in Makurdi have expressed shocked that, the girl they knew all the while was man. His parents are reputed to live in Katsina-ala where he has not visited for a long time since he got enlisted into occultism.

At the police headquarters, various accused persons were on display bothering on several offences that included cultism, kidnapping, robbery, armed robbery and some having links to Gana, the wanted.

Pain Of Child Birth (Poem)

Pain Of Child Birth (Poem)

Her back ached as she felt water slide down her legs.

Disturbing sounds of agony were all she could make as she moved from contraction to contraction like the worse menstrual cramp ever she could no more feel her legs.

Everytime she has a contraction,her lower back would slowly begin to sieze up like a bad intention.

It felt like the muscles inside were slowly twisting harder nd harder until unbearable.

And slowly, it subsides unlike what she read in books, this was much more painful she fought the pain,worse it became she surrendered, it lessened.

she felt her insides twisted, pulled & squeezed like getting caught at the undertow of a wave the waves of varying intensity.

The middle contraction was hell
she felt her soul leave her body she tried a means of distraction by a swift imagination of a waterfall.

Damn! back to reality she was, as this means of pain relief proved floppy.

She almost opted for an epidural.
Was she ready for this? one question she couldnt answer
Push! push! the nurse echoed.

is this lady insane? she thought for a while.

After nine months that creature had to be brought out, that have been nurtured.

You can do it was all the look on her husband face said, his smile.
Pushing seemed impossible as the whole of her pelvis felt it was made of breakable glass.

The vaginal pressure,similar to a bowel movement. She gave the first push, like poo she had to let it out.

Arrrh she felt it was gon be over soon as she could feel her angel swimming out, faced down
she gave the second time all her strength in a thrust!

Its a girl...the nurse announced...
the labour room filled with a baby's welcome cry.

"She's worth it" was what went through her mind when she looked at her littlon..Joy illuminated.

The pain was dere still,but wasnt felt.

She had never seen anything as beautiful.

Blossom Daniel is a student and writing poem is her hobby. She recently got featured on Exclusiveclue Face Of The Month.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Rapsodii – Street (Prod By Fleecy Beatz)

Rapsodii – Street (Prod By Fleecy Beatz)

Is this the new chinko or davolee? After freestyle season one which surface online on Tuesday, unsigned artist RAPSODII comes with another indigenous rap single, the future is here


Photos Of Chizzya As He Set To Release His New Track Titled "Feelings"

Photos Of Chizzya As He Set To Release His New Track Titled "Feelings"

His name is Francis Chibuzo Agusi aka Chizzya,he is from Imo state. He was born in Aba, Abia State, and he moved to Lagos in 2008.

His parents sent him to Europe to further his studies after his secondary education,he has been into music since age 13.

Photos Of Chizzya As He Set To Release His New Track Titled "Feelings"

He left music for a while to acquire bachelors degree in social work but now he is down to earth to show his people what he have for them.

According to him "the track Feelings came to me as inspiration to tell a love story and to pass message. So I decided to put it out there for my fans and to people who feel the same way I do."

His Aim is to inspire young people to chase their dreams and his motto is "No time is late."

Watchout for the audio and visual of "FEELINGS" by Chizzya which will drop soon and get your headset, and get ready to hit the download button once the link drop.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Jay mikky music logo

[by #JayMikkyEntertainment CEO @jaymikky_boss

#Greenbox247Media had an Exclusive Chart with a Lagos based record label owner the Chairman #JMmusicGang and I asked him;


He said;

“Nothing,the only thing is that the Yorubas support talent in terms of financial,promotional,moral and other wise than any state in the Middle Belt.
Take for example, as an upcoming musician #Wizkid received two major supports from his Yoruba Kinsmen:
#Banky who we all know made Wizkid what he is today by signing him to his label Empire Mate Entertainment [EME]. And Samklef who was recording songs for him for free because he believe in him.
Of recent, Young David Adeleke Davido have helped the promising talent of #Mayorkun. Young Erekinna #Olamide Bado helped the talent of little #Kesh. The list is endless, even the the Former #EMEBoi Wizkid is now a boss(Star Boy Worldwide) helping talents like Naija next rated #Mr Eazi.
But it is not so with the Middle belt.
The Idomaland: The Talent Base of The Nation!
“Who 2Face EPP?”


“Benue artists have being doing badly in the industry because of their failure to sail beyond river Benue.
#BenueArtists have this pride ego that made them to be permanently restricted to Benue. Once an artist is opportune to have just a little fame and ‘chicken change’ he feels relaxed as if he have arrived.
The Tivs in Particular are overwhelmed by the heat of Benue domination.
*Kogi: Igala entertainment is crippled by copycattism.
Copycatting is their hobby! Their artists can copy-carta for real.
#KSU and other high institutions’ students in Kogi are fun of doing covers of reigning songs rather coming up with their own.
*Abuja: Abuja has no competition!
Abuja artists are relaxed because of lack of competition,so they can not mach with their counterparts from other zones.
*Jos: Artists in the cool city of Jos feel inferior especially to super Almighty-Excellent Lagos.
Jos homebased artists are quick to be overwhelmed by the thought of standing the larger industry competition. The term “Fear of minority” is the best capture for this.
Jos artists are afraid of the Yoruba-majorly populated and very prosperous Lagos “Heart of the Naija music industry”.
Jtown rappers MI,Ice Prince and Jesse Jags have to leave Jos for the Lagos Market before they could blow!


“Just believe in your self,work on your self,rediscover your self(when necessary),humble your self,challenge your self,invest on your self,promise your self,make it your self!

*Jay Mikky Boss is the CEO #JayMikkyEntertainment&ModellingAgency.
@IamSunnyGreen via #Greenbox247MediaEnt


Monday, 12 June 2017

[Music] Coolest J ft. Seaman - Searching For You

Finally the wait is over! Naked Music artist CoolestJ have dropped his long anticipated single "Searching For You" which was produced by magic finger super beat Maker Seaman who he also featured in the song. Take it fresh;

This song is promoted by #Greenbox247MediaWorldwide in association with #EntpadedBlog Soon to be MayorGist
Cc @sunnygreen_official @IamSunnyGreen

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