Monday, 25 September 2017

Benefits of Aloe Vera to your hair

Aloe Vera plant is a common that is found all over the world. The gel inside this plant soothes and calm the skin and also a healthy and shiny hair, it can also be used to treat burns and skin wounds.

Over the years, aloe Vera is known for it healing properties, to improve the scalp and the hair. The effectiveness of aloe Vera is in the raw form of the gel. Allowing aloe Vera to settle into your scalp strengthens your hair.

Here are the benefits of aloe Vera to your hair

Keeps oily hair at bay

Aloe Vera gets rid of excess oil in the hair without causing further damage. The use of aloe Vera makes the hair glow and look healthier.

Elevate hair growth

Aloe Vera has great ability to increase the blood flow in the scalp area. It also lessen loss and hair breakage. Some also believe that aloe Vera makes the hair grow longer.

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Improves hair strands

Vitamins A, C and E present in aloe Vera aids healthy hair. Vitamin B-12 and folic acid present in aloe Vera gel, keeps the hair from falling off.

Soothes itchy scalp

The clinical term for dandruff is Seborrheic dermatitis. Studies shows the fatty acids in aloe Vera plant have anti inflammatory properties that soothes the scalp for dandruff causes.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Four Benefits of Organic Foods

Organic foods can be regarded as foods which are free of artificial food additives and processed with as little as possible artificial methods like chemical ripening, genetic modification and food irradiation. Foods produced using organic methods are often touted as being healthier than foods produced with other methods.

There is minimal scientific evidence to show that foods produced using organic methods are better than foods produced with conventional methods. However out of the few research available, here are some of the proven or probable benefits of organic foods.

Heart Health

Organically raised animal products have higher amounts of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA is a heart-healthy fatty acid that can help boost cardiovascular protection. It is found in higher quantities in breast milk and in meat of animals that have been raised free range or cage-free.

High In Antioxidants

Some studies claim that antioxidants are more effective if they are derived from organic foods. This is likely because there is no foreign chemical reaction with the vitamins, minerals and organic chemicals that are essential for the positive impacts of fruits in preventing cancer, premature aging, vision problems, heart disease etc.

Immune System

Genetic modification has led to a reduction in immune system strength reduction. It has also led to an increase in birth mortality, sexual dysfunctions, cancers and allergen sensitivity. Eating organic foods instead can help reduce this risk pending when genetic modification becomes less risky.

Pesticide Reduction

pesticides used in treating non-organic produced foods contain chemicals like organophosphorus. This chemical is not needed in our body but can be found in it because of consumption of pesticide-coated foods. This chemicals have been linked to developmental problems like autism and ADHD. Organic foods help lower your risk of ingesting these chemicals.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Vitamin K Rich Foods You Should Eat More

Vitamin K Rich Foods You Should Eat More

Vitamin K is a very essential nutrient that plays a vital role in blood clotting and bone and heart health. While its deficiency is rare, taking insufficient amounts can be bad for your health.

It can cause excessive bleeding when injury occurs, weaken your bones and increase your risk of heart disease. To prevent this, ensure you always get enough vitamin K.
Here are some vitamin K rich foods to guide you.
Turnip greens

Turnio greens contain 425 mcg of vitamin K per 1/2 cup after
cooking. They’re also high in calcium which also helps with
strengthening bones.


Kale contains up to 565 mcg per 1/2 cup. In this respect, kale is
the king of Vitamin K foods. This is in addition to containing
other minerals and vitamins like potassium, calcium and folate
which are also beneficial to your health.


Broccoli also contains 85 mcg per 1/2 cup after. Broccoli can be
prepared in a variety of ways. It can be cooked with either canola
oil or olive oil.

Collard greens

Collard greens contains 530 mcg per 1/2 cup after boiling. Vitamin K also helps with bone growth. Low vitamin intake can lead to the development of osteoporosis, resulting in fragile bones which may fracture easily.


Spinach contains 444 mcg per 1/2 cup after being cooked. Spinach also contains other nutrients like vitamin B, vitamin A, magnesium,iron and folate. A half cup of cooked spinach also contains more vitamin K than a cup of raw spinach.This can also help to boost it’s vitamin K content as well.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

7 Awesome Foods For Healthy Skin

7 Awesome Foods For Healthy Skin

Protecting your skin requires using various nutrients to keep them safe. These nutrients include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, fatty acids, antioxidants, zinc and several others. To help, here are some of the best foods for healthy skin you can eat.

1. Fish

Some types of fish e.g trout, tuna or salmon etc. have significant
levels of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids strengthen skin
membranes, protect it from damage caused by sun exposure and lower your risk of skin cancer. It also allows passage of fluid between cells and reduces inflammation of skin cells.

2. Almonds

Almonds are a great source of vitamin E which helps protect your
skin against the harmful effects of the sun. This vitamin E can
also help prevent skin cancer and acts as an antioxidant.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds have a high zinc content, making them a very good food for your skin. Zinc boosts skin cell regeneration and helps to maintain your vitamin C and collagen levels, thus strengthening cell membranes.

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4. Olive Oil

Olive Oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce
inflammation or irritation on your skin. Its antioxidant properties
help to prevent damage to your skin at a cellular level from free
radicals. It also softens the skins and reduces wrinkles when
applied topically.

5. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits contain lots of vitamin C. This vitamin C is
necessary for the production of collagen which is found in organs,
tissues and blood vessels. Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant
and helps prevent premature aging and wrinkles and also promotes faster healing of wounds and blemishes.

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6. Broccoli

Broccoli contains significant levels of both vitamin C and vitamin
E and can thus help protect your skin against the sun and the
damaging effects of free radicals.

7. Green Tea

Green tea contains several antioxidant compounds and is a good
defense against cancer. It lso contains tannins which work as
astringents and helps reduce the signs of wrinkles on your skin.

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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Reasons why you should eat vegetables

Reasons why you should eat vegetables

Investing in vegetables is no waste of money at all. They are rich and highly good for your health. Below are some of the reasons why you should eat vegetables always.

Stonger bones

Consuming green vegetables woulf help make your teeth and bones stronger. Osteocalcin is found in vitamin k and is excellent for consumption. Vitamin K will not olny develop your bones but also help in fighting osteoporosis.


Vegetables contain antioxidants. they are a good source of vitamin E and C. This would help your skin become free from disorder and further make you maintain a flawless and glowing skin.


Green vegetable area goof source of water, they could help keep your body hydrated.You could replace drinking too much water during summer with vegetables.

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Improve your sight

When you take vegetables you are able to promote your eyesight, this is as a result of the presence of vitamin A. Eating lots of fresh vegetables would of cause save you the stress of carrying a spectacle on your nose.

Increase hemoglobin

When your level of hemoglobin is low it means that htere is drastic reduction in iron. Vegatables are a good source of iron, they aid hair growth and increase hemoglobin in the body.

Maintain weight

When you replace vegetables with juncks, it helps you stay healthy and maitain good weight.Vegetable are not rich source of fat, they are basically low in carbohydrates or fat. I f you plan on watching your weght, add vegetables to your food plan.


Vegetables are rich source of magnesium. They help to to keep your health in check. When you have deficciency in magnessium it could lead to health issues such as heart disease, anxiety, muscle cramps and many more.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

How I got 20k Followers on Instagram

How I go 20k Followers on Instagram

How do get more followers  on Instagram? Since I got to 20k Instagram followers, I get asked this question more and more. I want to answer that question once and for all. Besides, I strongly advise against buying Instagram followers. It won't bring you any engagement (likes/comments) in the long run, and that is not what you want from your followers.

I don’t think there is any secret recipe, nor that we can get to that point with no effort at all. However, I think some of my advice can help you increase your engagement on Instagram or any other social media! I also have to say that I think the niche you are in really does make a difference. Since I am in the travel/photographg niche, there is a nice community that revolves around these subjects!


• Have a short and intriguing bio

In mine, I talk about my studies, since it’s the main subject of my Instagram account. I also write my email address, where I live, and my blog, since these are questions, I get asked every day.

• Post new pictures regularly

I post 1 picture per day in average, but you could post up to 3 pictures per day. Do not be intrusive (don't post too much per day). Otherwise, your Followers will stop following you.

• Add your location to your pictures

We can also browse through locations on Instagram. Add a venue so more people can find your post! You don’t have to be too precise, just use the biggest town near where you live.

• Tell a story, be a little personal, and be yourself

On Instagram, you don’t need to post perfect pictures to get engagement from your followers. What is important is telling a story, so you inspire people through your photos. I personally Post quotes on my caption because it inspires My Followers and gives them reason to always engage on my post.

• Use “a lot” of hashtags!

Use at least 15 hashtags. Some “studies” have shown that 11 hashtags would be the optimal number, but I use lots of them. I don’t count, and everything is going great. The maximum allowed on Instagram is 30. It is not advisable to use hashtags with too many publications, for example, “instadaily,” since this brings almost no visibility since it is overused. Also, I often use different hashtags from time to time. It’s good to change things up sometimes so new people can get to your account.

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• Tag other accounts when applicable

I do not tag anyone if it does not apply. On the other hand, if a notebook that I bought on Amazon is in a photo that I publish, then I’ll tag Amazon in the post, for example. This brings you more visibility, since people who visit the Amazon account will be able to see your publications in Amazon tags.

• Engage with accounts similar to yours

Almost every day, I engage for more than an hour with other people. I like and comment other pictures I find through certain hashtags. I do this when I am on public transportation—it’s the perfect time!

• Reply to your comments

I reply to almost all the comments I get under my pictures! If I don’t reply, it’s probably because it is a comment from a robot – or I just don’t have anything to say!

• Reply to your private messages

I also reply to every single private message I receive! Sometimes it can take me a couple days or a week, but someday I’ll reply! I think it helps to create a friendship with your followers, which I enjoy

• Have a balanced number of following and followers

Have a balanced number of following and followers

It is very important to have more subscribers than subscriptions! This can be alright when you have small numbers for both (up to 600, maybe), but an account that follows 2000 people and has 5 subscribers, it’s a little weird! And many people will not want to follow such an account, myself included. Keep your numbers balanced.

• Have a theme

Have a theme

You can very well have a theme. What I mean by that is that in many places, it is said everywhere that to succeed on Instagram you are obliged to have a theme. That is not the case, and I am proof of that. What is important is to remain true to yourself. My pictures are never perfect and I never spend more than 5 minutes to take a picture. I guess that’s my theme!

• Don't  only post pictures made on Photoshop

This removes a lot of “personality” from your account. Even if the account is for your blog and you create these images to promote your new articles, I advise you not to make images from scratch. Instead, take photos yourself of objects according to the subject of your article and publish it. Personally, I don’t follow any accounts that post photoshopped pictures.

• Plan all your posts in advance

For the same reasons mentioned above. Too much planning removes the “spontaneity” that may please your followers.

Join Engagement pod

Just in case you don't know what engagement pod is, it's a group mainly on Telegram and Instagram where people organise like for like and so on.

For most people engagement pods are waste of time. I personally think Instagram engagement pods are great because they've helped me a lot. The more likes and comments you get the higher chance it is for post to appear on top posts of a certain Hashtag.

Thanks for reading. The above process is how I got 20k followers on instagram in less than 10 months. If you have any questions or need help in joining engagement pods drop a comment and I'll get back to you. 

Meanwhile don't forget to follow me on instagram  @Certifiedrockson

To get more of my social media article sent directly to you on your mailbox just input your email on the subscription box below. 

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Effects Of Fruits On Your Body

Effects Of Fruits On Your Body
Fruits basket

As we all know fruits contain more natural sugars than other whole foods like vegetables so people often question if it’s good for your waistline. To help you judge, there are some of the effects of fruits on your body.

Fruits are a very essential part of a healthy diet. It is very nutritious and contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. It can also reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

So here are some effects of fruits on your body

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Low in Calories and High in Nutrients

Fruit is nutrient-dense, meaning it is low in calories but high in nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fiber.
Fruits are also high in antioxidants, which protect the body from oxidative stress and may lower your risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes.
They also contain fibre which promotes regularity, boost gut health, and help you feel fuller.

Fruits are low in calories so including them in your diet can lower daily calorie intake and boost nutrient intake. This can help create a calorie deficit, which is required for weight loss. A calorie deficit occurs when you burn more calories than you consume. Your body is forced to use up stored calories, in the form of fat, resulting in weight loss.

Fruit Can Keep You Feeling Full

While also low in calories, fruit is also incredibly filling thanks to its water and fiber contents.
Fibre moves slowly through your body and increases digestion time, causing you to feel fuller for longer. Fiber can also help reduce appetite and thus, food intake. Increased fibre consumption can help promote weight loss and reduce risk of fat and weight gain.

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Fruit also contains a lot of water. As a result, you can eat a lot of it and feel full in spite of taking in a few calories.
As a result of the combined fibre and water, you can feel fuller for longer while also having combined little calories. Apples and oranges are examples of fruits high in both fibre and water content.


Adding whole fruits into your diet can help you feel full, reduce your calorie intake and increase weight loss

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

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